Jandom Lobe

by Switchkraft



Switchkraft’s debut album Jandom Lobe scheduled for landing on July 24th!

Switchkraft, Gold Coast’s maestro’s of electronica are back with their very first full length release Jandom Lobe—four years in the making. On 10th July 2017 they will release this long-awaited triumph through Melbourne’s ubiquitous dance label Adapted Records. The duo, which consists of The Plastic Surgeon (Freddy ‘Flyfingaz’ Holler) and Glitch Buchanan (Carey O’Sullivan) of Tijuana Cartel fame, are renowned for their very unique breed of bone wobbling bass music, or ‘Switch Hop’.

The 10-track masterpiece is a collaboration of crispy bass music featuring layers of vinyl sampling dug out from the far reaches of obscurity. The compositions themselves are characteristically wild and imaginative yet maintain a precise attention to sound quality courtesy of O’Sullivan who is arguably one of Australia’s most progressive electronic producers. This heady combination results in a unique musical experience that oozes both boldness in character and super tight production.

Jandom Lobe is giddy and irreverent, crazy even; with themes inspired by ‘old samples, comical political situations, and ridiculous famous people whose names sound funny’ says The Plastic Surgeon. ‘From the very first Switchkraft studio experiment, we’ve had an absolute cracker of a time manipulating really weird and obscure phonograph recordings and throwing mic’s on random objects that are lying around the garage.

Jandom Lobe expresses the maturation of hundred’s of these congregations and I’m really stoked with whats come out of it all... a masterpiece of refined mayhem that bends neural pathways and can potentially lead to multiple limb dislocation’
‘Our initial thought was that we would need to do the finishing touches on a fresh morning, well slept and with 8 cups of coffee.’ declares Glitch Buchanan. ‘But we soon realised this was not the way. Like the beginning of ‘Dude Where’s my Car’ we knew we must first recreate the state of mind that brought these works into existence, in order to complete them with appropriate stylistic intent... sometime around 4am with a fresh round of jalapeño margaritas.’

The album boasts two bonus remixes, one from Melbourne producer Ketatonic and the other from Jesswah, a local producer from the Sunshine Coast. Both producers have enviable connections to glitch-hop luminary Opiuo. Ketatonic has previously remixed one of his tunes and Jesswah supported him on his last tour.
Born in 2013 with an urge to create bass heavy mid-tempo beats with a healthy helping of womp, and drawing on a verbose collection of sounds ranging from religious narrative, 1920’s big band, gypsy swing music, movie soundtracks, Russian polka and tropical Hawaiian hymns, Switchkraft have meticulously crafted an electronic music project like no other.

Jandom Lobe is somewhat experimental for Adapted Records, who signed up Switchkraft early this year. They are widely known as Australia’s leading glitch hop and mid-tempo label with a mission to release the phattest music the world has to offer, and they pride themselves on discovering fresh new talent so they are undoubtedly excited to unveil this exciting new sound to their diligent followers.
Jandom Lobe will be available from Switchkraft.com and leading online retailers, DJ stores and streaming platforms from 24thth July 2017.


released July 24, 2017

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